New Solar Power System Installations

Midwest Solar Power can provide a free quote for any type of solar power system, whether it’s residential or commercial, and strive to ensure quality workmanship, customer service and satisfaction are all part of the package. With a commitment to delivering the right product to our customers, we use qualified and accredited tradesmen with a great can do attitude that will get any job completed in a timely and professional manner, while making sure your system is compliant with Australian Standards.

New Solar System Installation
Cheap Solar Power System

New Solar Panel Installations

New Solar Panel Installation

We have highly experienced solar specialists on board to provide solar panel installations across the midwest of Western Australia for commercial and domestic clients. Solar panel installation in Western Australia demands proper care and attention, whether you require solar panels installed for a new installation, upgrading your existing solar power system or for replacing panels in your existing solar system. It is the duty of every installer to advise the owner on compliance of their system with the current standards so make sure you contact our experts at Midwest Solar Power.

Cheap Solar Power System

New Solar Inverter Installations

The technology for solar power is going ahead at an amazing pace, replacing an old inverter with a new cutting edge inverter may give you much better efficiency, and harness more of the power your solar panels are producing. Solar inverters with hybrid capabilities will also allow you to add batteries to store any extra power that you are making for you to use at night time. Midwest Solar Power can give you information on a wide range of inverters, including inverter pricing for new systems or if you want to upgrade to a bigger, newer or hybrid inverter.

New Solar Inverter Installation
Cheap Solar Power System

New Solar Battery Installations

New Solar Battery Installation

Solar batteries allow you to store the energy that comes from your solar panels so you can continue to use renewable energy at night time or during blackouts. This can allow you to go completely off grid if you have enough battery storage capacity, but most people choose to use solar batteries to work with, and reduce their reliance on, grid power. Reducing the amount of power you take from the grid also reduces your power bills, and with a smart meter and an energy management system you can feed power back to the grid or charge your battery at the optimal times.

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Repair Solar Systems

Has your solar system broken down or only works intermittently? Tired of getting the run around from other solar system repairers? Get a professional from Midwest Solar Power to come to your home or business and investigate the problem. After diagnosing the problem, we’ll explain it in terms that everyone can understand and give you different options to fix your solar system. Start saving money again by repairing your solar power system today.

Solar Inverter Maintenance
Cheap Solar Power System

Maintain & Clean Solar Panels

Clean Solar Panels

Maintaining your solar power system helps it to run at it’s full potential, and save you as much money as possible. Dust and bird droppings stop your solar panels from receiving their maximum amount of light, and reduces the efficiency of your solar system. We can use a reverse osmosis system to provide a spot free clean for your solar panels. We use purified water, which is mineral-free, to ensure a long lasting, streak free shine on your panels. Furthermore, we use only biodegradable cleaning products, which are safe for the environment and helps keep your panels clean and free of any residue.

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Finance Options Available

There are a lot of companies that can provide loans for your new solar power system, but Midwest Solar Power recommends RateSetter or Parker Lane. Both companies offer finance for a large range of green products, from solar power systems with solar batteries to low emission cars and trucks. With competitive interest rates and different terms and options, they’ll be able to find the right loan for you. After you have your finance organised, we will come and install your new solar power system so you can start using renewable energy and see the cost of your power bills reduce.

Solar Finance